Monday, August 3, 2009


General malaise seems to be the operative mood of the day.

It may be a case of the ongoing weather, a grey period which has lasted for the entire summer...well, except for a couple of days, not nearly enough to be able to call this a summer. It might relate to the aging process of most sixty-two year olds, the arthritic hips, the memory drop outs, the inability to read small print or even not so small print. Or, who knows it could just be the way the world is.

I hate writing about feelings. Hell, I hate to admit that I have them. Maybe it isn't feelings that I am even talking about. Maybe it is just a feeling of time having passed and believing that there is so much more to do and I am trapped in a world of mundane living. Work, laundry, cook, shop, sleep, worry. Again and again and again. Okay, so that was a little dramatic, but sometimes it just seems that way. And sometimes I'm just morose. And sometimes the moodiness is just bad mood.

Is it disappointment? Or too much time remembering? Or not seeing what the "new" is going to be or where the "growth" is going to come from? Maybe it is just too many hours on Facebook or too many unpacked boxes or too many things that haven't changed that keep me from seeing the things that have. Is this a case of "poor me" and if it is, I better kick myself in the ass and get on with life since this is just not acceptable.

All suggestions are welcome. Jokes will help. And if you feel like you are suffering from this, also, give me a call, we'll mope together.


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