Wednesday, January 14, 2009


That just about sums it up as far as I am concerned. I don't know that I want to be old physically since my mind still lingers in adolescence.

I reached this point via a number of roads. Bizarre childhood, youthful overindulgence, life on the edge for far too many years, medical practioner's incompetence and the "tough" attitude that I could and can do, eat, drink, overindulge in anything.

The price is somewhat of an aged lament of many I am certain. Many of my physical ailments are a result of being treated with steroids for a number of years for a disease I did not have, sports injuries, and plain old stupidity. Emotional problems stem from crazy childhood, escapist behavior and self medication. I have dealt with these issues the best I think I can...I can sleep in the dark, I don't smoke or drink anything that can put me in jail anymore, and the diet has been the funniest part.

Eating as many fats and calories only leads to stomach disorders, smoking of a variety of substances has led to CPD and the fact that I turn 62 next month means my days of youth and overindulgence are truly over.

Exercise is a weird option. Emphysema limits a great deal other than slow walking and moving. How much of that do you have to do to burn off a pound, much less fifty? Healthy meals seem to be a lot more troublesome and time consuming than a patty melt off a George Foreman Grill (slightly more healthy than frying, I suppose.) And why does philosophizing and book reading burn less calories than hunting and killing animals? Just doesn't seem fair, does it?

So, visits to the doctor increase exponentially, minor illnesses knock more of of the poop out of me and five hours of sleep a night just isn't enough. Ah, for the days of Hormel Chili and Cheese on Fritos for dinner. Oh, well...complaining and crankiness is just another symptom of getting old, so watch out.


Blogger Lady_Hawk said...

Three years ago, at age 58, I found out I had cancer, but the good news is that I wasn't using those parts anyway. The radiation gave me a constant case of diarrhea, and a seceptibility to catch everything. I also have degenerative disc and joint disease, osteoperiosis, and carpol tunnel. Not to forget the grade 3 eusophigitis (and I can't spell worth a darn).but ...Life is good, there is no star in the east, and I can't get pregnant, and Prilosec OTC allows me to have those chili cheese dogs. Ain't Senior Citizenship grand!

January 14, 2009 at 6:39 PM  

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