Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It is Tibetan New Year today, however many are not celebrating due to the oppression in Tibet.

"Dharamsala, Jan. 25: While lauding the progress China has made in terms of political, economic and military might, the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama said China “cannot perform the responsibility of a super power in this modern and progressive world if there is no freedom, rule of law and transparency in the country.”

The Tibetan leader today sent an open letter to the Chinese people wishing them on the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival. “On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, I extend my affectionate greetings to all our Chinese brothers and sisters across the globe, including those living in Mainland China.”

The 73 year old Tibetan Nobel Laureate wrote that President Hu Jintao's policy of creating a harmonious society is indeed laudable but that “It cannot be brought about by brute force and autocracy.”

“Such a policy is indispensable for China as well, if it were to make a mark globally. Harmonious society should, however, come about through mutual trust, friendship and justice.”



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